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Play dirty with this everything-goes racing game

Ignite is a feast for those who love cars and speed. It's a powerful racing game with excellent graphics, and a selection of roadblocks, collisions, crashes and obstacles that will make you want to burn rubber.

Winning the race in terms of speed isn't the only way to win points and races when you're playing Ignite. The game also rewards the best tricks on the track, and the most stylish way you get over obstacles. Fun is guaranteed!

Game Modes

Ignite features three different game modes: "Run-Out," "Knock-Out" and "Race Mode". In the first, every mistake you make loses points, while in the second, the last car to complete each lap is eliminated. Race Mode is a traditional race where the objective is to arrive first and win the highest points.

Crashes and car types

Crashing into rival cars can be a good tactic to gain points in Ignite. But beware - with each collision, the car gets smashed up, loses power and becomes more difficult to control. Ignite features three types of car: "Muscle" (tuned vehicles), "Race" (special racing cars) and "Street" (the most common), each with its own acceleration, speed and control characteristics.

Step on the gas and get ready to smash everything off the road. With Ignite, everything goes.


  • Really fun
  • Collisions, obstacles, nitro
  • Three game mode
  • Multiple cars and circuits


  • None so far


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